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Insurance Specialist

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Many people avoid insurance claims because they believe the process will be long and tedious. Although it can become so when you don’t know what you are doing, this is not an issue to worry about with the support of our insurance claim specialist. We pride ourselves in accompanying our customers along the entire process, answering every question and giving advice for a smooth, uncomplicated procedure. This combined with our profound construction knowledge and long years of experience allow Taylor Roofing to deliver the best solutions to your roofing problems.

Filing an insurance claim

Once the homeowner understands the route
to follow filing a claim doesn’t have to be a hardship at all
It is however important to do the reporting and filing as soon as possible after a hailstorm event.
Although it is possible that you get lucky and a hailstorm doesn’t cause any impairment, you should not take the risk of having hidden damage on the roof, siding or gutters that would go on uncorrected. This could harm the structure of your home and repeated damage can create serious problems.
The insurance policies of many homeowners cover the complete repair fee to fix any and every roof damage caused because of a hailstorm.
Thanks to our 30 years plus of continued service in the Charlotte area, we have ongoing working relationship with most of the leading insurance companies around.
The goal is that you can get your roof back to its original shape without having to spend extra money on it.

This is why we offer complementary inspections for storm damage: if we discover any issue, we can help you with your claim and guide the following steps as to make sure your insurance company takes responsibility for the expenses. It nothings is found during our free inspection, that is the end of it and you can walk away with the certainty your house is in the best shape.

What does filing a claim entail?Getting your roof back to its original form can be accomplished in four simple steps:

First call Taylor Roofing for complementary inspection

If you suspect the most recent storm generated damage to your roof, give us a call and we will send a professional contractor to assess the situation. This inspection is done for free and if we don’t find any issue that will be the end of it. However, if hailstorm has caused damage to your roof we will file a report with your insurance company and thus start the whole process. There is nothing you need to worry about though; we will manage all the communications, talking directly to them to provide the details of the event, such as the date it happened, extent of damage and needed repairs.
We will set an appointment with you and the adjuster to evaluate the damage, answer questions and overall make sure they understand the situation and have filed it accurately.

Wait for the insurance adjustment

During this we will also take up on the needed paperwork. We provide the adjustor with an itemized damage report that correlates with their inspection, properly identifying the cause and extent of damage for their records. After that all is left is to wait for their approval.


Along with approval of the insurance claim, your insurance company will also dictate the scope of the job and provide a first payment. Then we schedule a meeting with you in order to purchase roofing supplies and timetable the project. The installation work will take either one or two days.

Final inspection

At the end of the process we will want the chance to do one last checkup with you to make completely sure we have met your expectations. If everything is fixed to your satisfaction, we proceed to clean up the space and run a magnet around the property to find lost nails that could have fallen. Back in our offices we will invoice the final payment to the insurance company, and the process will be complete.

If you suspect a weather event has caused damage to your roofdon’t take any chances and call Taylor Roofing today!

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