Hail Damage Assessment

Hail Damage Assessment

Hail storms have been a constant issue the last several years

However, many homeowners don’t recognize possible damage because it isn’t always obvious to the eye. A hailstorm may come and go without leaving actual holes or huge dents on the roof, so it can be easy to assume your house survived the occasion unharmed.

Hails causes dents and pits on the shingles

Hail storms have been a constant issue the last several years. It requires a trained eye and careful examination along your roof to successfully find damaged shingles.

Following this, it takes professional knowledge and experience to design appropriate reparations. Remember each roof is different and is differently influenced by the elements, so this is the place where Taylor Roofing’s solid craftsmanship comes handy.

In the event of claimable damage being found

we have developed easy methods
to accompany our customers throughout the entire process

Starting with advice on how to fill an insurance claim, we will be glad to help and answer any question and give advice at any stage of the procedure. With our assistance, you will effectively and timely fix any roof damage!

Are you unfamiliar with the claiming process? Don’t Worry!
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